2022 in Pisticci.

Something weird is going on with my phone which makes the title of this post fold in on itself.

However today was mostly about going on a semi circular walk and then visiting my neighbour.

Best described in pictures.

It’s always a pleasure to walk by this little house
The church looms over the town.
Looking back towards dirupo
No idea who this is.
View towards the valley
Into town now ,still trying to avoid steep hills.
Haven’t been here for ages
Possible painting
Up near the school now
View from other side of town
School.with peace flags
A typical street in Central Pisticci
Piazza dei Caduti
Heading towards farmacia
Back on semi circle walk and passing the mural
Heading towards piazza San rocco
View from another side of Pisticci
Like this
Going downhill
Maybe another painting
Like the colours
Nearly in Piazza
Back in Dirupo

I think my phone is objecting to all these photos.

It was a lovely walk.

And I finished off by visiting my neighbour who is stuck in bed for now.

This is a painting of Nella

This afternoon I finished the latest local scene.


So now it’s the weekend and wine time.


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