2022 in Pisticci…trying g to photograph the wind….

It’s been very windy all day particularly in my street.

I know that it is more windy in my street than other places as I could see my tree in the distance swaying back and forward ,but I was several hundred metres away and there was no wind.

My tree in the distance.
Without the wind it is straight up. Luckily it’s very flexible.

It has bothered me all day at some level as not having double glazing the wind is quite loud inside. I think it’s because of the gusts which are as strong as any I have heard are regularly so fierce that I am constantly waiting for something to happen.

This morning I had a plan to go out and buy wine and then make biscuits.

The first part of this plan went well. I took more photos and am considering expanding the theme I’m working on. I’m also noticing parts of Pisticci which I ignored before.

I like washing.
Some old buildings
These are the only curved balconies I’ve seen here.

The second part of my plan didn’t go well. I thought I would use up a jar of chocolate spread by making biscuits which I would then freeze. This would prevent me from eating spoonfuls of chocolate spread in the middle of the night or when I was passing the cupboard or any time I remembered it was there.

I found a recipe online. It needed 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of choc spread and 1 egg. I put them all in a mixing bowl and mixed them together with a wooden spoon. The recipe worked perfectly. I made little balls and then sqished them flattish.

Then I put them in the top shelf of my gas oven and turned the heat as low as possible. Despite looking at them every 2 minutes (recipe says 350 for 10 mins, but my cooker has no numbers and is a beast) they were black underneath before they were cooked on top.

I put in the next tray full and took them out even earlier. They were also black on the bottom. ( I tried scraping them, but it didn’t help.

They are now in the organic bin and I suppose I’ve solved the problem of eating chocolate spread in the middle of the night. Could have been better though.

My next local scene is ready to start painting.

This has some great shadows, a nice yellow and several flower pots.

I think the wind has dropped a bit now. It’s not quite so loud.

My wine store is replenished. ( incase there is a shortage of wine.)


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