2022 in Pisticci…glad it’s Friday …

I’ve been strangely tired today. Maybe it’s the end of the week, or the weather( overcast), or dragging home a very heavy shopping trolley ( hope fluffy appreciates more cat food), or too much painting ( but, I’m only sitting) or I don’t know……the state of the moon?

But I’m very happy to be finished today.

After the heavy shopping I’ve mostly painted as well as done some intermittent reading.


I had a few adjustments to make and then the sides to paint. I like this a lot. Who’d have thought that such an ordinary scene could look so good. I just love the shapes

I’ve started the next one.

Ready to paint.

This one is in Rione Loreto and is I think the first one I’ve done from there.

Tomorrow when I go to pick up a parcel left by the courier at the other side of town I might look around another part of Pisticci. It’s quite exciting wondering what I might find.

Tonight I still have the door open . It’s been 3 days since the stove was lit.

Every day I am having another idea for how to wear several sets of clothes on the flight to Scotland. Maybe I’ll try some of them on tomorrow……

But now I want a glass of wine and an episode of ” Lewis”.


Outside now.

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