2022 in Pisticci…mostly photos…..

I’ve been tired again today, but I had to go out twice on different errands so had the opportunity to take lots of photos.

A little street near the steps to Dirupo
Extended photo with blue railings
Another back street
This may well become a painting
Peace flag
This is for sale
I think with a little adjustment this would make a great painting
Good to see leaves on the trees at last
I found this little corner by accident. Never been here before.
This might well become a painting.

I’ve read a lot today. I found a series of ” cosy mysteries ” which are significantly better than others I’ve read, and perfect for lounging about weekend reading.

I spent a couple of hours working.

I think it will be fine when finished.

Then, having only one high blood pressure pill left I headed off for the farmacia.

And on the way home…..

A pretty little corner . It’s usually full of cars and I hadn’t noticed the paving.
I painted part of this recently
Might paint this
And this
And this

Cheers and Happy Weekend. 🍷🍷

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