2022 in Pisticci being ridiculous…..

In a good way.

I never imagined that the weather, in particular  the sun, would be so influential  in my life.

When we moved here it was just one of the advantages of living here along with lovely people, good food, cheap wine and a new and exciting life style.

But it’s sort of crept into my life where I now found myself singing happily while putting on my socks this morning as the sun shone in the window. 

I have become a bit of a lightweight where weather is concerned. After 3 grey days I start to feel gloom descending. How would I cope in Scotland .

But it looks like the sun is here for the next week and right now it is creating lovely shadows in my street.

Today I mostly worked on my latest painting which I’m not sure about. I finally got so fed up that I went for a short walk .

View towards my street. The big tree in the middle is the one near my house that sways in the wind.

Near the edge…….
View towards the sea
Lots of layers
The church looms over Pisticci….and a big cloud looms over the church
Some buildings are 6 or 7 stories high , but most levels open onto roads at the back.

I think I might be finished this now.

Been a bit of a bother.

Now that I’ve caught up on my work diary and forced the evil printer to print another 6 scenes to draw I think it’s definitely wine time.


And the sun is still shining……..🌞

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