2022 in Pisticci….painted all day…..

And finally I think I’ve painted evening light.

The street above me.

It’s been another pleasant sunny day just perfect for sitting by the open door painting.

I always think that simpler scenes will be easier to paint. Not true . They just have different problems.

Today’s was all about colour. All the buildings are white….but not white. Getting the light on the right hand building involved around 20 layers of paint where I tried to find the right colour which also looked right with the shadow in the bottom half. Finally I found a lemony yellow which I don’t normally use and I think it’s done….at least until I look at it tomorrow and change my mind.

I had rather a disturbed night as I was woken by a noise which I took to be a gecko on the rafters. I spent about an hour alternatively banging the rafters, switching on and off my mouse scaring machine and then playing music so I couldn’t hear the noise.

Finally I got up and went downstairs to shine the torch up to where I thought the noise was coming from. It was then I realised that the noise was actually coming from somewhere near the cooker. I looked around and even lifted pots. I had a big bowl of chickpeas soaking and eventually it occurred to me that it was just possible that they were ” popping” . Feeling rather silly I transferred the bowl to the fridge and went back to bed .

No more noise. Not a peep! Silence!

How was I supposed to know that soaking chickpeas make a noise like a gecko running along rafters…..


They are now cooked and in 5 small bags in the freezer.

There are rather a lot of tiny red ants crawling around the doorstep. Must find a way of keeping them at bay. (Something to Google later.)

Now I have the last third of my bottle of wine to drink tonight. Its been nice .


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