2022 in Pisticci…trying to paint light…..

And feeling like we had gatecrashed a wedding reception.

That is the first time I have walked into a restaurant and discovered that it was mainly set up for a wedding reception. There were several small tables free up the back and we sat there and waited to see what would happen. In the meantime eating anti pasti and then spaghetti carbonara, which wasn’t on the menu ,but they made it for us anyways.

There must’ve been about 40 people who arrived . There were lots of photos and a rather magnificent cake. I would love to have taken photos, but unless people are out in the street or they ask me ( it happens) then I don’t as it feels intrusive.

It was nice to be there. It added to the atmosphere.

The rest of the day I’ve been drawing 2 local scenes and then trying to paint the light in one. It’s not easy, but I might manage it.

Work in progress.

That should keep me nicely occupied tomorrow.

I also drew this today.

Looking forward to painting this.

It’s been hot today. Even now at nearly 7pm it’s warm outside. I’m surrounded by rose petals as my roses don’t last long.

I once painted a picture of my garden with all the flowers out at once and I have to remind myself that in real life they all flower at different times.

Photos don’t do them justice.

The difference between summer and winter here is great. Soon I’ll be walking barefoot inside on the cool tiles after not long ago wearing 2 pairs of socks and trainers to keep my feet warm.

Church bells ringing now and time to have a glass of wine .

Am very happy that summer is arriving.


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