2022 in Pisticci…in the middle of a storm.

Outside the rain is running like a river past my door. ( the important word here is “past”) . There is a big drain at the end of the street where the water pours through and then down the hill.


The thunder and lightning has been very loud and explosive. After the last big bang I looked out to see if the tree had been hit. I’m not particularly scared of thunder, but I have ducked a couple of times.

It’s very dark inside, but still nearly 25C.

The storm seems to be circling around the area as it has come and gone about 3 times so far.

According to the forecast the sun will shine and the temperature rise to over 30C in the next 2 weeks.

And then I should be in Scotland……..⛅

But it should still be here when I get back. 🌞

After a short break the thunder has come back around. I just saw a flash outside my window.

Today I mainly painted this.

I need to work on the colours and the people.

I think I might add a door which might be just out of sight in my reference photo. ( I say ” reference photo as I think it sounds more professional. DOH! )

I have thousands of photos on my phone only a few of which get chosen and put in the special folder for painting.

Anyways I feel quite brave when I add things or change the position of a window or door just to make a better painting.

So there will be a door appearing tomorrow.

I think it’s safe to have wine time now. It might be that the storm has come by for the last time. At least I won’t need to water the flowers.


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