2022 in Pisticci…2pm and nothing to show for the day…..

I’ve just been out as I had so very little to say for today.

What is in my mind is a bit muddled and not very entertaining. I think I’m spending too much time thinking about going to Scotland and not always in a good way. I expect it’ll be fine when I get there……

I’ve been watching an American programme on youtube called “The next great artist. ” It’s an art and reality show combined. I’ve seen it before ,but I’m tired and it is entertaining.

I think reality shows are a bit like the shows held in the olden days with gladiators and lions and slaves where the audience watched people fighting, being eaten and generally nasty things happening.

It seems to me that the producers shut about a dozen artists of varying standards in a hotel for weeks and make them compete with each other so that one leaves after every competition. In among this their work is criticised in front of their peers in fairly harsh terms. They all cried at one point or another.

However as an example of what is considered art it was interesting.

Finally at 2pm I started work. Without, to be honest, much enthusiasm.

But I am pleased with myself for deciding that I needed to go out to sort myself out.

And it more or less worked.

It’s impossible to photograph the ” loomingness ” of the church.
Beautiful evening.

Part of the reason I went out was to check out the piazza which I am currently painting. I needed some help.

Current work in progress
Tonight .May add that plant in the foreground.
Took a close up of the buildings at the side.

It’s at a different time of day from my original reference photo , but I think it has given me some ideas.

My favourite wine . 2 Ltrs for €5.

The wine shop delicatessen was still closed so I bought these in the butcher’s.

Piazza San rocco

It feels almost normal being out and about now. This is how it is in the evenings here. People sitting about chatting.

Now it really must be wine time.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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