2022 in Pisticci…outside in the wind….

Right now it’s a mildly cool wind. It’s not exactly cold, more like not hot. I think I heard some thunder in the distance.

That looks like rain?

It’s 32C inside. I thought that I might as well make use of some free wind instead of turning on a fan.

I’ve been sitting here looking at photos of my mural. It should be finished tomorrow and I think that’s a good thing as I could go on for ever. I like it quite a lot.

Today I painted a tiny procession with San Rocco and lots of people . It was fun as it was so small that lots of dots and squiggles sufficed. I even added a brass band. What confidence!! I painted some clouds with a sponge. That was fun. And I made the oleander flowers match the sofa.

I must ask permission to put photos on my blog. I keep forgetting to ask.

Today I walked back through Corsa Margherita and was lucky enough to find the wine shop and the farmacia still open after 1pm.

So finally I have aspirins to treat my knee.

As long as I sort of hobble slowly and don’t put too much weight on my knee I can move.

It is no fun at all. To be able to skip about like a mountain goat was my positive thing, that weighed against all the other less helpful stuff, made life pretty okay. It was up there with sunshine ,nice people, interesting life, painting, and other things. Actually now that I’ve said that maybe it’s not so bad. As long as I can move.

With no transport, no near buses and lots of steps ,getting out and about requires functioning legs.

It sounds like the thunder is getting closer.

If I was 100% I might have gone up town to see the fire eaters and other street entertainers tonight. There are a lot of events happening in the next few days including falconry, antique music, parades of people in wonderful costumes and more.

Oh dear , the wind has gone and now I’m hot again. The thunder is still about.

It looks like I am pretty well organised , with wine and aspirin. After tomorrow I don’t need to walk anywhere unless I want to. I have plenty of work to occupy me at home and it will soon be August , the holiday month.

Here’s hoping that by this time next week I’ll be back to ” mountain goat status”.

But for now , it’s wine time again and some Poirot.


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