2022 in Pisticci…. more muralling…

And testing out my ” not right” knee.

I’d an early start on the mural today as I got picked up at 8am .

Nice view and a bit of shade while I waited.

Every day now I am liking what I’ve painted more. Today I painted more windows and doors and then managed to connect the landscape with the calanche at the front so that it looks like Pisticci is well settled in. I’m also well on with oleanders and cacti.

When I’d finished I looked at it and thought that I’d love to live in a little village like that. It’s semi realistic, in my style which seems to be a bit fairytale- ish, and actually my house is in it. And obviously  I do live in it.

I’m hoping to be finished on Thursday.

Walking home was my first trial to see if my knee was any better. It got a good workout as I needed shopping which including going down a lot of steps. By the time I got home it  felt like it was going to give up on me. But not sore.  And it was about 38C and I was carrying reasonably heavy shopping.

The rest of me felt like giving up too.

However once in the house with fans on full everything seemed okay. Not back to normal , but not worse.

Tomorrow I plan to miss out most of the steps.

It’s  still very hot outside, but earlier I drew the 8th last local scene so that next week  I can get on with painting them again.

All organised and cool.

I turned down some work today for about 10 different reasons . At one time I’d have felt obliged to do it despite all the difficulties .

This opened up today.

Now it must be time for wine.


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