2022 in Pisticci…the story of the mural…..

After writing about working on it for the past 3 weeks I’ve put the photos I took every day so that I could check progress and maybe decide what to do next, though I mostly decided on the day.

It was an adventure and I enjoyed walking back and forward through the town every day…until I hurt my knee. It was nice having company and a coffee every morning.

Now it’s finished and I can’t quite believe I did all that work.

This was the space. It was about 3metres wide and more high.
This was a sketch I did and printed out ,then stuck on a photo of the space. I’m sure some app could do better , but it worked.
This, with a lot of cutting and a bit of painting, was what I was going to do. ( I was quite pleased with how I did it. And very pleased that I didn’t have to keep drawing it again )

The night before I begun I hardly slept.

About the second day when I had measured where everything had to go and was drawing it all out in pencil.
It started to look a bit better when I started drawing with black paint.
I realised that I’d drawn far too many houses and made them all bigger at this point so there weren’t as many.
Next I painted the sky standing on the little ladder and using a wall painting brush jammed into a curtain rail. It worked surprisingly well.
I was happy to get the church and castle done. It took ages to paint the church at the front.
Moving swiftly on, I thought I’d better see how the bottom part would look.
Some of the details from today. I like painting washing hanging out. (And there is a little procession above the arches.)
And finished.

What an adventure painting is. I never know how something is going to turn out for sure. There were so many mini adventures and discoveries in this. I’ve never done such a large detailed mural before.

It’s nice to be home and thinking about the 15 local scenes I want to do in August.

But that was a very satisfactory 3 weeks work.


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