2022 in Pisticci….painting and a little thunder…..

But not much rain. Hardly any in fact. There was some strong wind and a bit of thunder followed by a few drops of rain. Now it’s overcast, but still 32C inside. ( I know because I checked!)

However it’s been a good day for painting. 

I’ve picked 3 drawings to work on this week and begun with the least complicated one.

Think this is about 80% done. I added a window which doesn’t exist to help make the big building at the back look like it was behind the other houses.

This scene is all about shapes and colours. It’s  up near the big church and I’ve painted it several times before.

This was painted last year from a slightly different angle.

The day begun with more David Hockney and I found myself getting very enthusiastic about my digital paintings when a friend dropped by near lunch time. Hopefully soon I can do some more. All I need is more energy and an extra day a week.

After I did this sketch I painted the same scene on canvas. ( I liked this better.)

Now I’m very happy to be going to a market tomorrow.

Painting will be postponed till after lunch.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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