2022 in Pisticci…market, storm and dratted ants….

And that’s just some of today.

It was a lovely morning to sit outside reading and being inspired. I’m feeling very encouraged.

Then I went to a local market with friends. There were a lot of people there , mostly not wearing masks. I wore mine when it felt crowded and I was aware that I actually liked wearing a mask. It makes me feel slightly invisible and I quite like that. ( the truth is that it probably made me more visible as so few people were wearing them.)

Lots of people. Lots of stuff for sale.

I only bought one thing at the second hand stall and was glad that I didn’t feel the need to buy anything else.

I was obviously saving my money for the 5 bars of chocolate from the nearby big supermarket. There’s been no chocolate I like in Pisticci for months. And for the last 3 weeks, no nice mayonnaise ( got 2 jars) . I found the last bio washing up liquid which I’ve been using for months so that I can water my flowers with dish water.

Very satisfactory.

Back home I finished yesterday’s painting and worked on the next one while the rain poured down, finally, and the thunder circled around.

This went well. I added the washing at the front for balance. It’s 80% done.

It was still quite warm inside despite the storm.

Just before the rain
There was a little river running by ……..

It is now 29C inside. It looks like there might be storms in the evenings and lower temperatures during the day until the weekend. And then back to low 30s again.

I forgot about the ants…but I had to remove another one from my phone. Before I pick up a plate or a cup I need to check for them. I bought an ant spray today and hope it might help. They’ve never been as prolific before. Usually I find out where they are coming in, sprinkle some ant powder and no more ants. This year there are teeny tiny ones arriving as if by magic.

At least they don’t seem to like wine. ( just checked)

I could go out to a concert in town tonight. It is supposed to start at 10pm…..which probably means 11pm or later. The chances of me actually going, especially as it’s cold and damp are about 10%.

Time for wine I think.


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