2022 in Pisticci….Been quite a week so far……

Firstly my portrait which I was stressing over is done and approved of. Hurray!

Then ,the new gas man brought a gas ” bombola” to my house. So I know how to get the next one.

After my adventure booking an appointment in the middle of the night I got the bus to Tinchi hospital and am now ” boosted ” in good time for going to Scotland.

And on the way I checked with the guy in the ” ticket office” or bar where you can buy bus tickets, that the buses I proposed to take to the airport actually existed. It looks like the first one does, but the second one is run by another company.

However I have now bought a ticket online for the second bus ,so it must be okay…..I hope so.

A client picked up the latest 2 commissions and was happy with them. They are going to Rome.

None of these achievements were exactly world shattering , but I was talking to a friend and I think that doing things all by myself is a sort of existential act.

Or maybe it’s what grown ups do?

After spending about 40 years of my life in relationships where there was always somebody to ask or to encourage me to get on and do something it feels quite scary to be running my life by myself.

It is quite exciting……

Other than that I mostly painted again.

Work in progress

This is the second last one. I’m wondering if I can make the church look as it it’s behind as well as looming over. I like a challenge.

It looks like it might rain tonight….so I might still water my flowers.

Then it’ll be wine time.


Will it rain……

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