2022 in Pisticci…what a week…continued….

There I was lying on my mattress on the floor wondering if I was feeling okay after my vaccine booster. ( I do have a bed frame , but it’s easier just to drag out the mattress every night from its space behind the coat rack and not bother with the metal frame. )

I probably shouldn’t have looked at my phone ,but I did. And there was a message, sent about midnight asking if I’d like to take a stand in another feste on Saturday evening.

Of course I would.

So today I finished number 49 of my series of 50 local scenes.

I like the colours in this.

Then, when preparing for the feste I just happened to have enough plastic bags for most of my unsold local scenes. ( I’ll be outside and condensation is a problem. )

And I found an old suitcase stuffed down the side of the wardrobe which exactly fits my paintings. That was very convenient as they fit flat on top of each other so I can take them all.

The only downside is that the suitcase is very noisy so I will be noticed dragging it up town

3 more to fit in. Room for red covers as well.

I’m still feeling okay….just a bit hot and tired.

Fluffy strolled in, jumped up on the chair and is now asleep.

I think it’s about time for a glass of wine and a relaxing evening now.


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