2022 in Pisticci…..nightshift!

I’ve been a bit more dopey than usual today due to drinking camomile tea with melatonin in it last night.

It wasn’t a good idea, and I’ve no idea why I decided to do it, but around midnight I woke up and decided to Google getting a 4th covid booster in Basilicata .I was surprisingly successful and then even went ahead and booked an appointment tomorrow.

Feeling that I was on a roll I then Googled ” buses from Pisticci to Bari airport” ( which I had already done several times before with no success) and I found a bus leaving actual Pisticci.( not several kilometres away requiring a lift.) which means I could walk to the bus station for 6am and only have one change. I managed to get a screenshot of this journey which I intend to check out at the bus station.

I was so pleased with myself that I couldn’t get back to sleep. Hence the camomile and melatonin.

I must have been a bit worried about both things.

In a spirit of getting things done I also contacted the gas man this morning and should be getting some delivered tomorrow afternoon.

Most of the rest of today I spent painting this.

Not sure if I was particularly slow, but it seemed to take ages.

This street is special as my mural is in one of the houses and 2 flower paintings are in another. This is the street where I went to the wrong house and got an extra commission by accident.

There was supposed to be a thunderstorm this afternoon , but nothing so far. So do I water the flowers?

I’m missing having a book to read in the mornings. I’ve finished the gory fairytale one.

My kindle book is too stressful to read and relax. I need to find a ” cosy mystery ” to read in bed.

But now it’s wine and Poirot time.


Beautiful pink cloud from this morning.

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