2022 in Pisticci…rest and recuperation…..

After last night’s slightly embarrassing escapade with the noisy suitcase I’ve been taking things easy today.

It was a good plan , of sorts, to pack 29 paintings, 2 tablecloths and a bag containing a roll of plastic bags and scissors, string, tape etc into an extendable fabric suitcase on wheels and tow it all the way up town to the Piazza where I was to set up a stall.

I thought I could do it. It was heavy ,but not so heavy that I couldn’t lift it.

I was quite impressed with having everything neatly in one bag.

I think I might have slightly overestimated my ability while minimising the distance to the piazza.

The factor I seriously underestimated was the noise the wheels made.

I set off relatively enthusiastically as I reckoned that optimism would help.

By the time I was half way through Dirupo I had been stopped by several people asking if I was leaving. I was impossible to ignore.

Having managed to yank , pull and drag the case up the steps to the nearest piazza I stared straight ahead and marched loudly across and started up the back street into town. There was no way I was going to embarrass myself by going up the corsa.

The wheels ran better if the the case was on the road so I had to watch out for cars. I was making as much noise as a scooter. .

As I thankfully rounded the corner at the top of the hill and rattled towards the piazza I could see people looking to see what the noise was.

I was so glad to reach my stand.

The evening went well apart from no lights and not very many people.

I actually enjoyed it very much thanks to the bouncing monk ( no disrespect, he was really good.) and his band. They were enthusiastic, talented and friendly. The music was upbeat and local with lots of clapping and joining in. I felt warm and happy to be almost Pisticcese. This summer I’ve appreciated every opportunity to feel connected.

And there was food. I was so hungry. 2 figs , some cheese and a half glass of wine grabbed as I finished packing the case was not enough.

The music lasted for about 2 hours and then it was time to pack up and leave.

I tried my best to look like it was cool to trundle along making a tremendous racket. Lots of people shouted greetings.

But going down the back road where now there were no cars or people , I felt like I was making as much noise as a jet engine.

And through Dirupo , where it seemed everyone had gone to bed, and where the streets are rough and pitted the noise was even worse as well the wheels regularly getting stuck in ruts.

I was so glad to get home.

I could hardly hold my phone as my arms were so tired.

So today I have done very little other than hoover the ceiling in the attic and dust the books.

I’ve hung all the paintings back up still in their plastic bags.

And taken several paracetamols as I think I’m still reacting to the vaccine.

Tomorrow I’ll get back to work, but now I think a glass of wine is called for. (and some figs!)


Nice evening.

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