2022 in Pisticci….finally left the house

It’s not really a big deal, but I am a trifle reluctant to get any exercise unless I need to go shopping or meet someone. In the olden days I used to take myself out for a coffee most days and then I decided that it was an unnecessary expense followed by covid where I didn’t want to be near people.

Today I needed wine and carrots and decided to buy 2 more bottles of the less than €2 type and then not have any left over when I leave for Scotland.

Finally I have some photos. Today I put my phone camera on a little more close-up option which made me see things a little differently.

Liked the light in this.
Eventually the church will be repaired. It seems to be taking forever .
The white “thing” used to be a set of steps going nowhere.
I just liked this….
Billiard room.
Nearly at the supermarket. No plans to ever paint this …..far too many balconies, windows ,doors etc.

Mostly today I’ve been working on a new commission which is a street scene with the Chiesa Madre in the background. I have moved the church so that it fits better in the painting. There is also a very ugly wall which I am trying to minimise. This is the second time I’ve painted this scene.

First version.
Progress so far on 2nd version. There are one or 2 small changes , but it’s more or less the same. Once the flowers are done it will look very different.

I took a photo of my homemade palette this morning just incase anyone was curious.

Been using this for years.

It’s 2 yellow plastic trays , one of which has wet kitchen roll covered by baking paper on it. Because I use acrylic paint this arrangement keeps it wet. When I’m finished for the day the other tray acts as a lid. It’s not at all pretty or even very professional looking but it works. In the winter it keeps paint wet for up to a week. Only 3 days maximum in the summer.

Now I must try out the new wine.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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