2022 in Pisticci  …another day at home..

But tomorrow I’ll go out, I’m sure I will.

I did my usual 5 minutes of yoga and assorted exercises to give me a flat stomach, flexible back and strong knees. Am hopeful…..

Thereafter  I walked back and forward a lot between one room and the other and even up stairs once.

I need a reason to go out. And getting exercise is not a good enough one when I have work to do at home.

Tomorrow I need more wine. That should do it. And also my latest portrait  is virtually done , my next commission is drawn and ready to paint and 2 more are started.

So I can spare half an hour to go out.

I could be out now walking and counting steps ….. but I’m not.

Tomorrow  morning will do.

Most of today I either drew or painted. It went well. I am listening to new audio books by Marion Chesney. They are a bit similar to Books by Georgette Heyer. I like happy endings. 

And it has now been 4 days I think, since I made a folder with 52 paintings on my phone which I thought would synchronise with my new tablet and then I planned to work on them because of the bigger screen.

Weirdly ,only 37 photos arrived. However every few hours another one would appear…..and finally today there are all 52. I’ve no idea what is going on.

Fluffy has just strolled in. This morning she obviously liked the new chicken and turkey cat food and came back for more. Yesterday I put out the old stuff and she sniffed it and then walked off. Maybe she liked my company more than my food…  

My poor tree is looking a bit battered.

There has been quite a lot of wind.

This morning my feet were cold, but now I need the fan on. Summer is coming and going.

I cut the sleeves off another black baggy tee shirt this morning so now I have 2. I could have sewed round the arm holes ,but I didn’t. They’re my working clothes so seemed unnecessary. Sometimes I worry that I’m getting a bit too ” can’t be botheredish”.

As I am not out trudging round Pisticci with a determined expression on my face, then it’s wine time.


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