2022 in Pisticci….7 years ago today…

Thanks to Facebook  memories.

I had just finished this….

I think it’s still there.

It was my first ever mural….or painting outside on a wall. I had a choice of where to paint and picked somewhere a little out of the way incase it didn’t turn out well.

I had to get a bus there and back  every day for about 2 weeks I think.

The door was the most difficult thing to paint as I’m not very good at straight lines. Also I wanted it to look real.

The figures sitting on the doorstep came from a photo and then painting of two elderly gentlemen sitting in the corsa in Pisticci.

Sadly they are both deceased now.

I enjoyed chatting to all the people who stopped to look and asked what I was doing.

It was the biggest painting I had done thus far which I didn’t realise when I started. I wanted it to fit in and look as if belonged there and I think I succeeded.

It appeared at the beginning of a TV programme about Pisticci several years later.

I didn’t realise that was a whole 7 years ago.

Today I tricked myself into doing my 5 mins of exercise by deciding just to do one….the easiest one and then by the time I’d just done one more, there was no point in not doing the rest. I was quite proud of myself though I’m not sure I should have been.

Then most of the rest of today I worked on the new commission.

Getting there….

It takes a while to do all the fiddly bits, but I’m pleased with how the ugly wall under the church has turned out.

I stopped about 5.30pm before I made all the plants look the same.

I also need to fix the roof of the church tower and the other tower.

Another day’s work and then I should be able to paint the edges on Saturday.

Now it’s nice to relax . Tomorrow I need to go out again so will get some more exercise.

For now lifting a glass will do.

Cheers 🍷🍷

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