2022 in Pisticci…off kind of day

Am still feeling a little squeamish after a day of not feeling very good.

In between lying down and reading or sleeping I sorted out some things for my trip. To say I was packing would be an exaggeration as I’m only taking my small every day rucksack which fits easily under my seat on the plane. Am not planning to wear 3 outfits to travel in this time so that makes life easier. I really only need to pack a minimal sponge bag, as I’ve most other things left in Scotland.

I finished another commission today which I was pleased with .

I’ve started a new work diary which will be my 4th. Now I fill it every week as it’s more sensible to print several small photos on one sheet of paper than one at a time every day.

I went outside to take a photo as a blog without a photo feels wrong.

About half an hour ago.

My solar lights are charged and ready to go.

Now I think a small glass of wine and an early night.

Cheers 🍷

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