2023 in Pisticci..waiting for the sunshine…..

I thought that it was going to be warm and sunny today. I had made plans……but ,no, it was overcast and foggy.

However it looked like it might clear later. In the meantime while I waited…….

Fluffy came by…
And then fell asleep on my chair.

After I sat down she then climbed up and onto my knee and went back to sleep. I felt very flattered. She’s not my cat. Just a welcome visitor. It’s nice to be trusted.

No sun yet so I watched 2 episodes of Landscape Artist of the year.

Still no sun, so I went upstairs to read for a while and fell asleep.

Then it was lunchtime.

There was now some sun , but also a cold wind.

I had planned to have the doors open and tidy out my work room.

So I caught up on my work diary.

All my digital paintings done in Scotland.

Gradually I begun to move a few things in my work room. It helped that Fluffy had come back and was asleep on my chair again so I couldn’t sit down.

After I’d found a place for my collection of plastic trays which are sure to be exactly what I need if I throw them out I started to find places for other things.

While doing all this moving things around in a hopeful fashion I found an old oil painting of the Easter procession in Pisticci. I must’ve painted it about 15 years ago. It looked better than I thought. ( I’d been using it to prop up a cardboard box.)

So I got out my water based oils and fixed it a little.

It has potential……

That felt very satisfactory.

Now it’s quite cold outside . I have my coat and hat on, but am fairly cosy inside with hotdoggio .

Finally blue sky.

Someone is coming to look at paintings tomorrow and it’s supposed to be 20C. We’ll see.

Wine time now after a sort of relaxed productive day.


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