2023 in Pisticci…..quite a lot of work…..

I was in the piazza at 8.30am this morning.

The fruit and veg stall.

Then I painted 5 magnolia flowers, numerous leaves, and 2 butterflies .

I think I’m understanding flowers better now…..maybe.
Four more to go.

I might have drunk too much coffee today. I’m not sure if I was tired first or the coffee left me exhausted.

I could have another 2 pieces of work to do.

It’s probably time I decided how much I can reasonably manage.

This afternoon I worked on the latest portrait for a while.

Then I went shopping and for the first time really took note of the prices of some of the items I buy. It seems like there are no longer the cheaper options available. I might try a further away supermarket…..

Nice shadows
A selection of tiles

It’s been about 19C outside today and 16C inside.

Half an hour ago.

Wine time now. Hurray!!


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