2023 in Pisticci….raining again…..

But it wasn’t this morning when I went for a brief walk up the pink brick road to get some fresh air and wake myself up.

Nice shadows….. Nice everything….
Tried to get a good photo of the calanche , but nothing compares to being here.
This isn’t even the steepest part. Cars use this road.

I found it difficult to get started today.

Tried out different colours for a frame. It is currently dark brown

Then I brushed the floor, cut bits off the oleanders, read a bit, made lunch for 4 days and finally I brought through the lampshade on which I am to paint a symbol and some writing.

It’s now ready to paint.

I need to be feeling 100% when painting lampshades as it’s fiddly work.

So , tomorrow will be better.

Now it’s raining outside but cosy inside.


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