2023 in Pisticci….lots of finishing…….

My lampshade project was finished first.  I painted a type of fastfood and then there was quite a lot of writing. It looks respectable. I think it might be the 8th one I’ve painted.

I like finishing things.

Then I remembered that I was going to paint the frame for my house painting.

Not sure….but it’s not fixed so I could change the colour if I want.

Masking tape is wonderful.

My next painting to finish was the one which started with me painting my first rose in a jar. Since then I’ve been trying to turn it into a proper painting.

First I changed the background.
Then I thought it needed more balance so added a vase , flowers and 2 paintbrushes
Finally, the blue shadows brought it all together.

This has been a “try it and see “sort of painting as I kept thinking I’d finished ,then the next day I wasn’t satisfied again. I think this might do now. I particularly like the paintbrushes at the front. I don’t really know what I’m doing so it’s quite exciting.

I still have my self portrait to put on stretchers and I should really fix the feet and face, but because it’s not for sale I’ve left it till last.

I was going to go out for a walk today , but I got caught up painting.

However , looking out the window I can see I’ve another rose.

The weather is still mixed.

A bit of everything…..

Now it’s wine time after a satisfactory day of finishing.


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