Exhibition in Perth.

Only about 2 weeks to go before I bring 40 watercolour paintings to Perth. 35 of perth and the last 5 of italian scenes. I am planning to also have prints available .

The exhibition is for only one night , the 23d of November from 7pm-9pm in my daughters bridal shop.

KATY’S COMPANY 7 , south St John’s place, Perth.

There will be proseco and cake ! ( from CELEBRATIONS shop – featured in one of the paintings. )

I am looking forward to a good evening.

I am always happy to take commissions for almost anything.

I have been painting portraits and townscape s and other subjects for the last 20 years in mostly acrylics. But am very much enjoying trying something new with pen and watercolour.

I’ve lived in a beautiful little village in the south of italy for the last 13 years and I think the light and colours and sunshine have influenced my work . I like trying new things and have painted a street of houses about 25mtrs long on a wall here. That was fun.

I’ve sold around 1000 paintings while I’ve lived in italy and now have paintings in Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia, Hong Kong, Canada, USA and a lot in italy.

I’ve painted a lot of portraits of local people maybe 200 or more .( I prefer to work from photos) so in a small village I often see people who look familiar and then realize it’s because I painted them . I do a lot of portraits for gifts so often work from images sent on WhatsApp or emailed and haven’t met the person.

I used to sell at markets here and sometimes still at christmas markets. That s fun . Have had or taken part in several exhibitions over the years in italy but this will be my first time in Scotland.

I do a lot of commissioned work and in between I like to think up new themes and do several paintings or drawings at the one time. I have a large portrait planned for December which I will fit in round other commissions.

I’ve just never got the hang of websites and decided I much prefer having a blog.

If you would like to contact me in connection with painting or I do have my old studio for sale ( just saying…) then my phone number is

00393201483626. I would recommend you use whatsapp as it won’t cost anything and the reception is better.

Or email me at annecalcarole@gmail.com

Am on Facebook and instagram ( bellabasilicata)

Would be great to see lots of people on the 23d.

But am going to post all 40 paintings on here….assuming I can incase you can’t make it.

Appears to be only 39 ….. how did that happen?

If you are interested then check out some of my previous posts on this blog and see more paintings and also some photos of pisticci etc. ( I try not to be boring!)

Thanks for looking.


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