Day 21 staying at home in Pisticci….and success with the stapler

The day began just before 4am with an earthquake, though to be fair I didn’t notice. (It was a small one just off the coast) At that time I had just seen something on twitter and realised the clocks had changed . I was wondering if maybe the day would be shorter which seemed an advantage. It was as usual difficult to go back to sleep so I filled in the time by ordering some vitamins online from an Italian online pharmacy assuming that there was more chance of them arriving. And the more I don’t go out the better. Today there were another 32 cases of the virus in this region. Every day there have been more.

It was good to see the sun shining in the window. I found an Italian radio station called KISSKISS. Aftet trying radio 2 and then 5 live . Too much virus talk .

Sunday is Sky, portrait artist of the year , day and I enjoyed it very much as usual. I think now ,that the second of my coronavirus series is going to be a big self portrait ( no squashing myself into a corner to fit the frame this time. And in any style I chose as I will be the client.) It is so comforting and encouraging to see other artists struggle and succeed.

I thought that I would look out the stapler and other equipment and lay it beside the canvas through in my gallery. That would be progress. Then because I didn’t have to I tried fiddling about with the stapler. I spent over 30 minutes trying different staples, taking it to bits and finally I got it to work. I put in the first staple and considered stopping there. But I was on a roll. It took me another 45 minutes to staple all round , fold in the corners and then trim the edges. I was literally shaking when I finished . I was so surprised that nothing went wrong. So it’s now sitting up against the wall ready for me to use. Am quite impressed.

I am writing this lying upstairs on my bed which doubles as a sort of couch. It’s warmer up here. And the charger is here. I think wine time will be an hour earlier ……

I don’t know what is happening in the rest of Italy today. The gossip from scotland is that there are riots here in Italy because there is no food and that the virus is actually some sort of chemical which has been sprayed all over the world. As far as I am aware neither of these things are true. It is depressing but probably not surprising that rumours are flying about when the papers are full of stories that have complicated relationships with the truth and lots of people suspect that the p.m. is faking having the virus.

3 minutes to early/ but not early wine time. Am looking forward to starting a new project tomorrow and thank goodness the weekend is almost over.

Tools laid out
Finished…..could be better but not too bad.
My little attic…..


  1. Hello Anne,
    I’m writing because I saw you liked a tweet I wrote. We are kind of neighbors, well now I am in the States but, Basilicata and Calabria i have a house just north of Lamezia. I have read a couple of your blogs, it must be terrifying. Are the hospitals there similar to those in Calabria? I am worried about my dear friends who are older, and likely won’t survive if they are infected. I hope you stay well and safe….

    • Hi. Its not terrifying….at least not at this time. But very strange. Takes a bit getting used to. The hospitals here are ok as far as i know. I spent some time visiting someone in intensive care in potenza 2 years ago and it was ok. Ive not had a lot of experience of hospitals. Friends have always been happy with treatment.
      At least in italy now its straightforward .you stay home. Go shopping as seldom as possible . And i think most people are happy to cooperate as they can see what happened up north.
      And i am lucky to have a little space to use outside.

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