Day 4 of phase 2….. getting more comfortable

I was reading somewhere today that phase 2 in Italy is still more strict than the lockdown in the UK. ( I am hoping that things don’t start to open up too soon there. )

I think it’s safer this way. Though it sounds like not everyone here is taking it seriously.

This morning I thought as I am allowed a walk I really ought to make use of it. I normally try and get some exercise by walking into town for a coffee and it has not actually been a great strain only going out once a week for the last 8 weeks.( With the occasional circuit round my house. )

I am flexible due to my regular 5 mins of yoga but the red brick road is a bit of a challenge. If I ever get to the top without stopping and being completely out of breath I will know I am fit. I think it suits my attitude to exercise which is more or less , lets get it over with. I am lucky because it starts just round the corner from my street and has some lovely views and virtually no traffic. I think if I was fit I could be up and down in 20 minutes maximum. ( maybe by Christmas!)

But right now I stroll up , my legs hurt, and I stop to take photos. There are lots of things to look at and I am looking forward to seeing changes every day. Today I went round the side of the castle. Its a lovely old building. There is plenty of scope for adding a little extra walking at the top but just going up and down is fine for now.

I would have liked to have sat outside after that and had a coffee at my bar. But there was a really strong cold wind blowing.

I thought I may as well find the rest of my summer clothes but was a bit discouraged as they all need ironing. I found a lovely pair of patchwork trousers that I had forgotten about. I really do have enough clothes. Its a nice surprise every year finding things I had forgotten about. ( will probably just hang them up and then iron them….if I really have to…. when I want to wear them. )

Then I found a prog. on youtube about painting gardens and thought that would be useful . It was lovely. Maybe I could combine portraits in gardens.

Inspired by that and having a spare two hours.( was being a very long day.) I took one of my watercolour sheets ( postcard size) outside and painted some of my flowers. . Am not convinced I want to do that but I needed to try.

I forgot that l was going to make another mask. The gingham one is comfortable and fits well. I have lots of the material left. So maybe I will make another tomorrow.

I took a suitcase full of sheets round to my other house and put them in the wardrobe there. Its looking very pretty. ( it’s still for sale at €25000 , just saying….and now comes with 2 murals!)

Am feeling better today. Less angry with myself for not doing 3 times as much work and being more cheerful. .

I have a plan for a bit more fakery in my studio at the weekend and next week I might start to write a new book..

Çoming up for wine time now……..

Going uphill …that cute little house is being renovated. Look forward to seeing what happens every day.
Up by the castle. The stonework is gorgeous.
Looking down on my little bit of dirupo.
Windswept look. Trying to get used to me wearing a mask. As if it was a hat or a scarf…..not there yet!
Little watercolour.

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