Day 2 of relative freedom in Pisticci…….getting busy

Or maybe I should say starting early. I woke up at 5am today and by 6am I had written 2 emails and replied to something else online.

I am changing my routine for the summer now and applying lipstick etc first, before I write , and today as I was looking so respectable I took my laptop outside to my little bar and wrote there.  How cool was that!. I can’t  believe ( often) that I appear to have become a person who I would have only read about in a book. Its possible that I had a very low starting point …. but nevertheless it makes me happy.

Today I heard David Hockney say something along the lines of , he had always wanted an exciting life and he could get excited seeing reflections in a puddle. Some people , he said, might think that was a bit boring. I get that. Sometimes I get excited about old doors or bricks or sunshine through leaves or shadows or washing on a line or lines of recliners on a beach. Lots of things.

Had to stop there an investigate a loud rattling banging sound out in the street. There was a strong gust of wind and one of my plastic chairs was blown all the way down the street!

I went shopping this morning and there is a different atmosphere. Its still neccessary to wear a mask and gloves to go in the shop, but there is much more chat in the queue outside. Only 5 people are allowed in at a time , but now everybody knows that. It’s not so strange now.

I did another sketch of some of my flowers on my kindle fire which I was really pleased with. I love the bright colours. I can however only draw with my finger. I have a thingy for writing on screens and it works perfectly on my phone but nothing happens when I try on my kindle.

So I drew, my feet up, on the chest on my phone. I am having such a good time doing this.

After a small lie down I tried to put some more images on REDBUBBLE but I had the usual completely un understandable problems as the app I use is written in computer language which I don’t mostly understand. The only way I can use it is to refer to a list of instructions I got from a very kind SLOW speaking man on youtube. I don’t know what some of the words mean but I press the buttons on the list and it works…..except when it doesn’t. However today I learned how to make an oval shaped image. So that’s new.

And now it looks like there might be a storm outside. And the australian cop series I was enjoying has finished. And did anyone know there was an American version of Broadchurch called Gracepoint starring David Tennant . ( or it could be Australian… I am not so good on accents) I was beginning to wonder how I knew the story until I realised what it was.

I am really late today for winetime due to being bloody minded and getting 2 things on REDBUBBLE even if it killed me.

But it has been a lovely day. ( and I ordered an appropriate pen to draw on my kindle which should arrive on monday and I am looking forward to lots more drawing on a screen….yeah!!!)

Writing in my bar this morning accompanied by cowbells and coffee
Feet up…. chilling ….
The other chair blew right to the end of the street.

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