Day 3 of relative freedom in Pisticci …..mostly drawing on my phone

My new routine, getting up at 6am , and then writing out in my bar is going ok …. that’s 2 days now, but the truth is I was too excited about drawing on my kindle or phone to concentrate so I was a bit half hearted.

And as soon as I could I rushed down to the end of the street and ignoring the ******* fence I set about drawing the scene on my kindle with my finger. ( pen arrives on monday)

It was so much fun. It is impossible to be neat so colour matters. I finished in about 20 minutes and was well pleased with myself.

It was while I was saving it that I saw a little button saying “transparent” . Yesterday I spent an hour trying to make my feet transparent on my computer with no success. Aaaaaaaaaargh!!!!! It was so very simple! Pressed the button and it was sorted.

Not bothering to wait , I immediately downloaded it onto on my phone. ( I usually use my laptop because its a bigger screen.) And in about half an hour it was on tee shirts, books, prints, throws , cushions and other 40 or so items.

After that I thought I should relax for a while but after 5 minutes I was bored and rushed outside to draw a pansy using my phone this time. I also noticed that on my phone I can make the image large . 10 minutes later I had an abstract pansy. Downloaded it on to redbubble and 20 minutes later it disappeared… I had to do it all again. However it looked pretty good eventually.

I didn’t have any particular plan for today but my head seems to be in work mode. I tidied up the edge of my big painting and watched some more art videos on women painters.

I was trying not to overdo drawing on my phone, but I gave in about 4pm and sat on the doorstep and drew my one remaining magnolia flower. This was when the transparent aspect really worked as when I put different backgrounds on the products on they showed through the gaps in the flower in a very nice way. I was so impressed. A lot of what works in my paintings is accidental.

Today I mostly avoided reading twitter. The news about the UK I find tragic. The virus combined with brexit and a govt. who , in my opinion, are a lot of lying incompetents , seem to be conbining to make a big disaster bigger. And it doesn’t matter that lots of people can see this because they ( the govt.) don’t need to listen.

There were no cases of the virus in Basilicata today again.

I don’t know if all my work on will be worth it. I have earned about £40 this year so far. But I tell myself that if I just spend a few hours a week putting images on it then it costs nothing and what else would I be doing with my time. And maybe eventually I will find the perfect subject that lots of people like. has now introduced masks to the long list of designer items.

Hurray, its finally wine time. Tomorrow I have a friend joining me for wine time. The first friend I have met in more than 2 months….cheers.!

Another view from the end of my road drawn with my finger on my kindle.
And now its on a bag…. how clever is that!!!
And my pansy is on a dress……and another 60 things
And finally my magnolia as an art print. Magic!!!

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