14th day of relative freedom in Pisticci….recovering from being sociable

Going from weeks and weeks on my own when I spoke to no one meant yesterday was full on. ( pizza in the evening!) It was fun but I think that I am still hanging on to my lockdown life…..probably incase it comes back. ( second wave and all that.)

Also my pre lockdown life was fairly stressful.

However as the plan is to continue a day at a time then today was worth having.

I got up and decided to get stuff out of the way so I could relax as it was sunday. (Trying to remember when the relaxing bit happened…..)

First I wrote something for a project I am involved in. That went well I think.

Next I drew my next portrait . Its ready to paint tomorrow.

Then I climbed up a ladder holding a curtain pole to pull the neighbour upstair’s shirt from the balcony where it had fallen. That was fun. It took a few tries but I got it.

Later I discovered Portrait Artist of the Week on youtube. That was a lovely surprise and as I am starting another portrait tomorrow then I felt ok about watching 3 episodes one after the other. What a treat!

That reminded me that a friend said she would like to see me paint a portrait on my kindle . So I took a photo of the guy who was being painted and had a go. And that has taken me until now . It was interesting. It turned out better than I thought it might. Though it is quite tricky.

And now I am tired and its wine time.

Never did like sundays!!!

Actually I really like painting like this. Its so freeing.
This was the photo I took from my laptop. Phone has better colours and resolution.

Looking all clean and fresh after the rain.

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