13th day of relative freedom in Pisticci  …..went on an adventure…..

When previously going to the end of the street  or meeting the postman was the highlight of my day then going with a friend to a local market was an adventure.

I haven’t  been out of Pisticci for more than 2 months. It was lovely to see the countryside and the wildflowers and olive trees and ….everything.

Even though it was  a dull day it was still great to be out.

I was really impressed by how the market was organised. There was a temporary fence round the car park where it is held and all the stalls were spaced out . To get in you needed to go through a gazebo  where there was someone making sure not too many people were in at once and that you were wearing a mask. There was a separate gazebo to exit.

It was simple and effective and sustainable.  If that is what’s  needed for the next year  then that’s  very ok.

After that we went for a drive through the countryside and I saw where my cat signposts will go.

There is a river running past my door right now. After thunder all afternoon the rain finally came down.

It is taking me some time to adjust to this new life. I am missing the peace I felt when I stopped putting myself under pressure to do stuff and anything I did was a bonus. I suppose I did spend a lot of years thinking I had to work without stopping ( not that I did….I just felt I should have) . So it might not be so easy to change .But I do want to keep some of the things I learned.

Today I did a rather unenthusiastic sketch on my kindle of the doorway. It was a bit dull and uninspiring but I was quite pleased with the result. This afternoon I drew an artificial daisy . That went well. Its now on redbubble.com.

And now it’s wine time. It’s still raining and I might be having company and a pizza tonight. What a very sociable day for a wannabe hermit!

That’ll be the flowers watered then.
I like the colours……
It’s not as if I actually love flowers …they are just available
on mini skirts…….
And prints…..

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