I think tomorrow might be the beginning of new extra ordinary life. ……I hope so

Am sitting outside in my new private seating area up against the wall and completely hidden from sight of anyone but my neighbour upstairs. Its a smaller secluded garden I think. I can’t even see the end of the street past the oleander and ivy. My seat is backed up against the lavender and irises and a rose and my view is straight on to the valley, past the painted flowerpot full of stones and displaying artificial flowers which has kept my table from blowing over in even the worst winds. I like it even though its a bit tacky because I painted the flowerpot myself, inspired by a friend and the artificial flowers used to be in my mum’s kitchen when I was growing up. It’s still quite windy . I like watching the trees blowing in the wind.

Today before breakfast as I was peeling 2 hard boiled eggs I contemplated ” egg psychology “. It occurred to me that I can judge how I am feeling by the way I peel the shells off. For a while during lockdown my hands shook while I peeled off the shell and it was a great relief when I finally finished. Some days I am in a hurry and get angry because the shells break and half the white comes off with it. I haven’t thrown them in the bin yet but …..however today I casually stripped off the shells and and felt very satisfied that the eggs were smooth and not too overcooked. So I have spent too much time on my own….but it’s interesting at least to me.

I sat out here this morning having coffee and painted this view on my phone. Its really too small a surface but I tried. What was surprising was that I wasn’t wearing my glasses. I can see my phone best with no glasses. Most of the time In the house I wear reading glasses but , I couldn’t believe that that I was seeing enough to paint entirely unaided.

I had a portrait of a baby to finish today and thought it wouldn’t take long. Huh!! I went right off it and ended up repainting lots of it. I still wasn’t satisfied. It’s a lot to do with lack of confidence. Eventually after lunch I watched another youtube video on painting children and noticed how the person painting was smoothing out the skin tones. ” I can do that ” I thought and rushed through to my work room and found a similar brush. I am very pleased with the final result and have picked out 3 brushes suitable for portrait painting. Being self taught is a little fraught. Even though it will be 25 years since I painted my first portrait. I started using photos from obituaries and then the ” national geographic ” . ( I think that is what its called. ) But most times when I begin I wonder if I will manage and then am delighted if or when it works out ok.

I had a nice surprise this afternoon when I saw my big painting on facebook in someone’s house. It looks great. Am really pleased.

And now it’s wine time. My phone painting is on redbubble.com , the portrait is finished and the forecast is good for this week.

And tomorrow it’s another new beginning…….

My secluded garden….
My scribbly screen painting
It looks different with a pink background.

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