The Beginning of freedom ……but not like before……

I can hear a man singing. That is a bit unusual , but it’s still a little new and exciting to hear voices at all. I think it must be someone who lives round the corner. I’m sitting outside again because it’s nice to get some fresh air . It was too hot to sit outside since about 10am unless under an umbrella. Now there is a wind blowing…. like there always is. But it’s not a cold one. I have moved my wine glass in behind the flowerpot so it doesn’t blow over.

I bought nice wine from the little supermarket near the railway station today. It’s a special shop run by a lovely lady who as well as selling an interesting mixture of food and drink, also does lunches. It’s always a treat to go there , but unless I get a lift it’s not easy to reach. If I ever sell my other little house and buy another scooter or ape then I can go there.

From today I could also go to the beach as the beach bus is supposed to start running from now until september. I didn’t go last year. I like the idea in my head but the practicalities usually stop me. Feeling like a pale , wrinkly person doesn’t help. I have tried fake tan but looking like an orange wrinkly person is not really much better. I envy people who don’t care what they look like but have not reached that level of maturity yet. Apart from which going to the beach by myself and being in the middle of groups and couples and families might feel a bit weird. And finally I don’t like sunbathing. I used to laugh at James when we did used to go …. I liked the chance to talk. … he use to lie flat out like he was a sausage under a grill. The last time I got a real sun tan was when I painted a big mural on a wall which must have been south facing and it was during two weeks of strong sunshine in november.

Small pause to pick ant out of my wine glass.

It must have been seeing the timetable for the beach bus that reminded me of a painting that I had been considering painting over which was of the beach. It just wasn’t right somehow. After all my screen painting experience I thought I would give it one last chance. I think I have finally fixed it. It looks about 80% how I imagined it should. So it’s safe from the white emulsion for now.

I have finished the baby portrait by adding a tiny mark at the corner of her mouth, not in the photo, to make her look ( I hope) “happily surprised” and not merely ” surprised “.

And I have a new idea for some artist related redbubble designs starting tomorrow.

But it’s wine time and it is getting a bit chilly…. so time for another australian cop show on youtube. I was watching Jonathan Yeo painting Brian Cox but that’s work ….and I want to be entertained.

New version of beach painting
Bought these dungarees with james at a market a few years ago. Paid €2 for them. Felt almost summery today. Getting into mask wearing.

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