Summer in Pisticci…..a day full of delight and deliciousness…

Am not absolutely sure if deliciousness is a word but I couldn’t think of a better one.

I had been having a delightful day . The street market was back and I extravagantly spent €10 on 2 pairs of summer baggy trousers. Then I chatted to the lovely lady with the sparkly mask. That in my opinion is the way to wear a mask. Not an imposition but a celebration. I also saw someone with a mask made of the same material as her blouse. That is so cool…..

After a short trip round the chinese shop where I forgot what I was going there for but managed to find something anyways, and bumped into an artist friend I decided I was reasonably desperate for a new lipstick .I keep buying the wrong colour off the internet and the make up stand wasn’t at the market . So I bought the most expensive lipstick I have ever bought from the farmacia. I am expecting great things of it. I did say I wanted one that lasted for ever!.

After all that delightfulness I had coffee with a friend.

Back home I am still working on the second pottery painter panel and today I added two terracotta pots to connect the pottery maker to the pottery painter and then I stood on a chair and decorated 4 pots in a rough approximation of the style of the painter of pisticci.

This is about where the deliciousness came in. The postman arrived with a parcel of chocolate from Canada. Thank you loads..Michelle Hatt.

I don’t want to sound like I am strange , but when someone sends me a parcel of chocolate all the way from Canada , just out of kindness, I am so happy I could dance….and I did.

And considering it was about 40C today it was in good condition. It is all now in the fridge….apart from the bits I already ate .

What more can I say. It’s wine time. I am still smiling ……what a very lovely day.

A little bit of the market and a lot of Pisticci
Ready to work on the vases.
Tomorrow should work on the big vase
Deliciousness !!!!!

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