Summer in Pisticci …..brexit on my mind….

It has been difficult to avoid thinking about it. I was hoping there would be an extension and I would be ok for a bit longer. Now I am a mixture of , well I will know my fate by the end of December and maybe before that I will know I can stay. I am hoping it will be okay , but it is not as if a lot of things are going well for a lot of the world right now.

But am not planning on letting it ruin my summer. That would be silly. I will still keep trying to sell my other house and then whatever happens I would have options. Theoretically I should get a UK  pension next year unless this govt. changes the law again. And who knows what they might do next. I have a vague plan for surviving that too. In fact I have a lot of plans and who knows what might happen . At least I know I can live fairly happily on not so much money here.

However there is nothing to do about that at this minute and I have a project to finish which might help bring people to Pisticci and earn us all some money.

I have been working on it all day off and on in a sort of frustrated manner. I think I may have finished it. Its is so different from anything I normally do that I don’t  know how to judge it. I think it is going to be a sort of signpost……but then this was the mystery project which I spent weeks worrying about  as I had no idea what it was. I think the psychological term is ” living with uncertainty ” . I would go mad if I hadn’t  learned how to do that  most of the time here. So I don’t  exactly know what is happening to my 2 panels except that they will be put in a public place somewhere.

I think I am getting visitors soon. Something to do with a video. So have just rushed around and tidied up .

My sandal broke today. The sole is cracked almost all the way through. I tried to glue it but as I expected that didn’t work. So tomorrow I will need to visit the chinese shop again……

I did eat some very nice chocolate today.

Now it is wine time …but maybe I am getting visitors………

This morning before I started work.
Every day I have changed this a little…..

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