Summer in Pisticci…..looks like a storm….

Or maybe not. It’s  been very hot today and now I can hear thunder rumbling somewhere in the distance. The wind has begun to blow quite strongly but there are still blue skies over the valley.

I went out with a friend at 9am and we visited a winery close to  a nearby town..It was lovely to see old friends again . And I  have another 2 litres of wine for my collection.

By the time I got back after a detour for coffee I had just time to get an air freshener round to my other house and brush the stairs before a film crew arrived. I left them with my spare key.  I don’t  know what they are filming but I am glad someone is using my house.

I am not renting it out this summer  but I will be happy to have it used for anything local.

I think my panels are finished and I painted the borders white. I would have signed them but will do that when the client says they are suitable.

Thunder feels nearly overhead now. I may have to rush inside if it starts to rain . obviously I have just watered my flowers…..🤔

It feels strange to have been so sociable today. And I have a friend coming tonight. After my months of solitude I might get ” social indigestion” .

I am loving summer though. Seeing people out sitting and chatting in the piazzas. Talking to friends. Being normal I suppose.

I superglued my broken sandal last night and to my surprise I have worn it all day and it’s still stuck.! ( and not to my foot!)

Am inside now but no rain so far…..tomorrow it is to be hot again.

Now it’s wine time and I should really contact the client so that he can check out the panels.

More thunder………

Was like this when I started writing.
My little house this morning….at the top of the steps.
My broken sandal before the superglue…….it was quite a lot broken !!

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