Summer in Pisticci……all day painting Pisticci

Am sitting outside tonight as I have been inside all day. Today and tomorrow I have no reason to go out and I have 3 paintings on the go. I am now half way through the second one.  When I am finished then hopefully I will feel happy to carry on with other stuff. Might even do some gardening.

It has been another lovely day. But I want these paintings done and now am too tired to do anything else. At least I have something to show for my day.

I hope these paintings are an improvement on the original ones.

I am not very concentrated tonight. Am looking at a patch of grass growing in the street and wondering if I could call it a lawn.

Last night I read an article about how to prepare for a financial depression.  There were 10 points. The first one was buy land so you can grow your own food. That probably won’t happen. It also said that porridge oats and honey would be good things to stockpile. And medicines. ( I have only stocked up on hairdye so far.)

Am surprisingly exhausted by an activity which requires me only to sit , think and move a paintbrush about.

However now it is wine and Australian lawyer series time. ( Yawn…..)

I pass this scene every time I come back from town.
Work in progress on the church.
And my gladiola this morning because it is beautiful.

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