Summer in Pisticci……a very sociable day …..

After two months entirely by myself, having 3 appointments in one day felt like a lot.

To get the day started I drew 3 local scenes on some smaller canvases I had lying around so that I will be prepared for an influx of tourists. ( ha ha! ) But at least I will be prepared. And I can do my own stuff after I get these done.

Then I strolled up town and met a friend for coffee. That was nice.

Back home again I figured I had better actually paint one of these scenes. ( my lack of enthusiasm may be obvious. ) However once I got started it was better ….and another Inspector Alleyn audiobook helped.

Then it was time for my next appointment. After getting all ready and waiting for 15 mins. I checked the message and thanks to more or less 2 letters I had got it wrong. I was supposed to be at their house. Sent a message apologising for being late and rushed out. I was going to sign my mural as I was not sure of the protocol for mural painting and hadn’t signed it. So signed it, had coffee and nice chat in bad italian.

Arrived back at my house and my friend arrived almost immediately. It was lovely to sit outside and drink wine and chat. It is definitely easier to sit outside for some time when not alone.

And now am back inside …and it’s been a very busy day………

My work room is getting very crowded
Work in progress on first local scene.
My very first indoor mural for someone .

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