Summer in Pisticci……a day of bits and pieces….

It begun with looking at my thermometer behind my chair which showed the temperature as 34C. Aaaaargh!!! I went to turn on the fan until I noticed it was in direct sunlight from the doorway.It normally hovers around 27C which is very nice.

This morning I merely  read some of what I had written in the last few weeks. I am supposed to be getting someone to read the “thing” I previously wrote but I have gone off it and now am sort of ignoring it. And hoping a vague  kind of miracle will happen and I will like it again.

But I don’t need to think about that until monday again.

Am a little distracted as a film crew just passed by, including the guy who directed the video about Pisticci that I was in and said to drop by where they are filming later. I am shy.

Maybe I won’t  find the house.  It is a big nuisance being shy. I  imagine anyone else would think ” oh that will be fun and interesting to see what is happening. ”  I am more a ” they probably didn’t  mean it and I will be in the way ” sort of person.  Usually to be found at the back of the room .

That was funny . I have just loaned a rug to the film crew. It is now very obvious that I only painted half the floor.

My ” dizzy artist” persona is neccessary to hide my sloppy housewifely attitude.  Am not sure whether to feel embarrassed  at being caught out painting only half the floor or seriously cool because I do what I like. ( I didn’t  actually have enough paint to cover the whole floor…. but I was very happy about it.)

Anyways my next project which is a mystery( but not thank goodness to me)  will be beginning on Monday. I understood enough to be going on with.

Didn’t really feel in the mood for painting my still life today. But I did roughly draw it . Then the strong lightbulb I am using to cast interesting shadows gave up. I suppose the bulb lasting about 5 years was reasonable.

I used up the last of my glazing medium on the 4 paintings I did this week and signed them. And painted the street lightlight that I had missed.

I got a sponge and washed part of the floor until I got bored and then stood on the table with the floor brush and knocked the cobwebs down and along with them quite a lot of dry plaster which then meant I had to brush the floor. In this way does my housework get done. So I am feeling quite tidy. Really.

And now it is wine time. I may go for a little walk round to see the filming or not……. haven’t decided yet. Maybe after another glass of wine. ( then I will speak better Italian or at least think I am.)

It has been a good day.

My little friend. It comes for breakfast every day but still won’t let me stroke it.
The mystery team. They are so very elegant unlike me.
Fixed this again. 🤔🤔
Missing rug…..where the paint stops

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