Summer in Pisticci……oh dear…..

Oh dear…oh dear….am in the middle of a big painting and it is at the horrible stage……at the point where I think , ” Thats it, am only painting what I want from now on because I can’t deal with people’s expectations.”

Tomorrow hopefully it will be better, but right now all I can imagine is someone else’s disappointed face .

And that is all I have been doing all day.

It is sunny outside, but until this painting gets past the horrible stage I am sticking with it.

9 times out of 10 it works out ok in the end .

I have also done something to my back. Am wondering if it is possible to give yourself a cold in your back by having a fan blowing on it. Or it could be that my mattress on the bed sofa I am sleeping on has a very decided dip in the middle and can’t be good for me. Or then again it could be my hunched up posture when I was painting yesterday.

Hopefully it will be better tomorrow as well.

And the superglue which I used to fix the big cracks in my sandals has melted or given up and they are split again. It doesn’t seem to make much difference to walking but……

Thank goodness it’s wine time……

Painty leggings and sparkly sandals…. summer painting wear in Pisticci.

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