Summer in Pisticci……disaster averted…

Disaster might be too strong a word but it felt like a personal disaster yesterday after not being able to fix my portrait that I was working on. I am pretty sure I have never painted over the whole face twice ever before.

I was very upset .

However this morning I got up about 5am. And decided that I would just keep on going until I got it at least 80% right ( in my opinion) So I started at 6.30am and by 10am I had face number 3 completed. I had by then realised that there had been difficulties  witb the photo that I had not noticed . So I adjusted it, gave it a lot of contrast and printed it out. That helped.  And I noticed that even zooming in I couldnt see the eyes very clearly. The biggest problem though was that the girl I was painting was very pretty and along with babies, pretty girls are not easy to paint.

Now the whole painting is done and looking good I think.

The little cat has just come in by itself and eaten some of the catfood I left out for it.

I have started to set up my next still life but am not sure if I have it right yet.

I have no more commissions for now and am quite happy with that.

Am tired now after my early start. Have found another australian series which is amusing if not great.

It is very windy outside. And I can smell smoke and hear a plane flying around. I can’t see a fire but with this wind it could be a problem for someone.

Am drinking the nice wine tonight. Hurray!

The little cat came visiting
Rough plan for next still life.

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