Summer in Pisticci……a very hot day…

After breakfast outside this morning.  ( my 5 minute meditation🤔) I shut the door to keep the heat out.  Normally I pull the net curtain across and clip it so that it mostly screens the doorway but there was a big red sun on my weather forecast and it was most definitely hotter outside than in. That’s the first time this year I have done that. 

The door is now open again and has been since about 4pm.  ( the little cat came in again when it was open. Even though it doesn’t  let me near it I am happy that it feels safe enough to wander in , eat something, clean  itself and stroll out again. )

It has been a little strange having the door closed. I feel a bit cut off. However I worked on the first of the 3 paintings I had prepared and after starting at 8.30 I finished about 2pm.  I have painted in the shapes in the next one and am pleased to see that the composition looks good. They all have something I want to bring out and something that is a problem . Today I wanted to make the house with the flowers stand out , but wasn’t  sure if the church which I had moved would look ok. I think it does. Then the next one is I think like a lovely pattern of coloured shapes but no flowers or bright colours which often makes something commercial  . I like it already but  ……..

It is now 30C inside which is almost ok. I had my fan on some of the time today but not all day.

Am attempting to repair my sandals again. I can afford to buy another cheap pair,  but it never seems the right time to look. There are only maybe 2 affordable shops  and it’s  embarrassing  having big feet. The nice girl in the chinese shop is fine but I have never bought shoes at the market where there are stall after stall  of them all looking gorgeous  and sparkly and delightful and elegant and size 4. I would inevitably have to repeat the size then the men ( always men) would look at my feet and  ….I just don’t  want to.  Normally I  buy shoes in Scotland ….often in TK MAX where you can just pick up and try shoes  by yourself.

I really must do something about them though as now even the top layer is breaking…..  😐😐

I have glued them again and taped them temporarily. 

But it is wine time and I have done everything I needed to today . I think I am meeting a friend for pizza tonight. Hope my shoes hold out.

The person living in this house has actually decorated all their flowerpots.
I really like this. It is I think a lovely arrangement of shapes.


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