Summer in Pisticci…..tomatoes, strawberries, sunflowers and a plan.

After crying over Janey Godley’s second short film for BBC . (I wasn’t expecting that.) It was time to get up and despite the forecast for the next few days being a bit mixed it was a nice morning.

Sitting outside eating breakfast/ next best thing to meditation. I had time to see that I had another tomato ready to eat. And more to come. It was very nice. I think the next one will be ready to eat tomorrow.

And each day now there are several strawberries ready to eat and more of them to come too. Mint and sage are growing well and I think I have some rosemary growing too. It is a good feeling to pick herbs growing outside my door.

Then I spoke to my daughter and we are planning a virtual walk on Sunday. It was a video call on whatsapp and I still think that is incredible. (.and free!) So on Sunday weather permitting we will leave our houses at the same time and send photos of where we are and maybe a little video call as well. It is as much for me as her , as I need a reason to go out.

First today I finished my painting of a door. It looks ok but am not delighted with it.

Then I got on with a bigger painting of Pisticci with sunflowers and worked on it all day. I didn’t expect to get it finished today but am closer to finishing than I thought. Another hour tomorrow morning should be enough.

It’s a bit gloomy tonight outside. By saturday the sun should be back but I am inside with door shut. I can still hear the church bells …and in the distance , thunder.

Next week my plan is to fix up some older paintings as I think I am all Pisticci little white houses worn out for now. ( only 3 to go…..)

Time for a glass of wine and something entertaining on youtube.

A little door nearby.
Am most pleased with the sunflowers and the shadows.
Yumm…. tomatoes…

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