Summer in Pisticci….last day of storms…..

I hope it is the last day for a while as it is getting a bit tiresome . It was actually almost chilly outside this afternoon. Not that I was out ….too busy completing another painting for possible customers who may or may not appear.

I have decided that next week I need to do something different. There is no point in having a holiday that feels like voluntary lockdown so am trying to think of things I would like to do that are possible.

So far I have virtual walk with my daughter planned. Was wondering if I might spend next week drawing on my kindle in Pisticci . (To make it commercial …needs must….I could get the images printed. ) I have 2 packs of white clay so I could make ” things”. Maybe miniature ” painter of pisticci” vases. That would fun.

I could splash out and go for coffee every day and even have a cafe crema. Or a gelato……

Then a bus trip to Marconia to collect my planing tool.

There is an exhibition at the end of the week so I will be vaguely sociable.

And I found a series of “Campion “on youtube. It’s so classy and atmospheric and a bit silly . I have seen it before, but it is still lovely.

However today I have mainly been painting. I finished the painting with sunflowers and then nearly finished another one of the cute little old house.

I have 2 more to do . Hope to finish before Monday so I can have this holiday of sorts.

But, it is Friday and maybe the storm won’t happen tonight. It is the first night of the International Film Festival in Marconia and it is mostly outside. This is their 21st year. I would have gone , but no transport. It used to be in Pisticci.

I missed the theatre in the calanche too. No money and no transport.

I am definitely missing the normal August free entertainment in Town.

Still it is not for ever….


Nearly finished this……
Did finish this….
Two more tomatoes. Am loving how my painted flowers are blending in so well with the real ones.

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