September in Pisticci……thought it was Monday all day…..

Oh dear, it does worry me sometimes when I can’t remember which day it is. But I can remember the names of people I knew more than 50 years ago. Nuff said……

Woke up at 4am again today. That really is too early. It’s a little ironic I think as I bought some pick you up, sort you out and help you sleep pills off the internet. And what has happened is that I can sleep for about 5 hours without waking up ….instead of waking every 2 hours for half an hour , so by 4am I have had a good night’s sleep. And by 10am I think it’s lunch time.

However…. small problem.

Was out for coffee this morning and it seemed to me that more people were wearing masks. I often wonder if I have missed a new law. It feels as if I am lucky to have had a relaxed summer but may need to become a little more careful again in the autumn.

Tried varnishing a painting this morning. I used a nice soft brush and it looks ok. But I have varnished paintings in the past and they looked streaky. I have a product that isn’t varnish but brings out the colours of the acrylic paint. Even it looks streaky sometimes. I am not very good at finishing things.

I now have 3 paintings set aside to paint the edges then they wont need frames. Was bored.

Finally I started on the next portrait but I was not really in the mood. I half heartedly did some of it but ended up painting the sunglasses. That was fun .It might be difficult to get a likeness so I will need to get everything else in the right place. Decided to start early tomorrow morning….. but not at 4am!!

It was cooler today. Tonight there is almost a chilly wind blowing and I came inside to write this. I could have perfectly well sat outside if I had put on a light top, but as am feeling my 4am start I am sitting here with my feet up on the chest.

Wine time now. Last night I watched an episode of VERA on youtube with italian subtitles. Have no idea how that happened. Got a bit irritating though as I wanted to tell the characters to speak more slowly as it was really interesting and I would have liked to have tried out some of the expressions.

So it looks like tomorrow is Wednesday then ..

This was fun.
Morning light in the valley.

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