September in Pisticci…..bits and pieces….

Am writing this earlier today as I am going out later. It might well be a little adventure.

As planned I started early to work on the portrait with the sunglasses and am pleased with the result. I managed to stop before I had overdone it. I think the recipient will like it. It’s fun. I really enjoyed painting the sunglasses.

Was finished by about 10.30am .

Searched around for something else to do and I wondered if I could make some light appear on my big landscape which I did during lockdown. The point of it was the light coming back into what had been a dark time. So I pottered about with that for a while but I don’t really know what I am doing and even youtube didn’t help.

After lunch I painted the sides of 3 paintings so that they dont need frames. It makes a difference. They look more finished. ( But it is quite a boring job.)

After that it was only about 3.30pm and I had read my book and chilled out and was bored again

Contacted a client about some paintings waiting to be collected.

I could have gone shopping tomorrow when scarily… I have no plans but it was relatively cool and the exercise would be good for me. So did my usual amount of shopping and trudged back uphill with a heavy rucksack.

Oh, I forgot .I also read over everything I have written this year. I have in mind to make myself an illustrated diary of this year. It was more interesting than I had thought it would be. That was cheering. I have a vague idea for short story , but am not sure how to begin yet.

It sounds a busier day than it was.

It’s not wine time now , but instead it’ll be deciding what to wear time. What usually happens is I try lots of clothes on and then having chosen something, change my mind again and wear what I always wear.

Trying to add light.
All edges painted.

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