September in Pisticci…..muddeldy day….

Got up ready to begin a new week with enthusiasm. Did my 5 salutes to the sun.. (4 minutes) followed by breakfast / meditation…5mins….and then decided to take my laptop outside and try writing something (15  mins.)  Looked at news on twitter…..40 minutes…oops.

By then it was around 8.30 and I wanted to go out and look for a shower mat. And have a coffee. Am trying to start a new routine where I go out in the mornings for coffee/ exercise/ socialising.

That went well. I was never going to find exactly what I wanted but I got something that would do . And then I thought I would go into the new cafe on my way home. So I did. That was fun. Got chatting to the nice girl who was working there. Will go again.

So by about 9.30 was back home and wondering what to do next.

After a lot of procrastinating I finally checked and paid my credit card. ( not too bad ….has taken me a week to psyche myself up to do that.)

By then it was lunch time . I also took down my big landscape and stood it in the light. I did some more work on it….still not quite there. I hung it back up in the middle instead of the corner of the wall but it is still dark.

After  lunch time including an episode of escape to the country where people with oodles of money criticised beautiful houses and liked boring ones. ( in my opinion)

I was struggling for something to do next so wondered if I could paint some water lillies round the side of the shower tray. Drew a design on my kindle and thought it might work.

Spent the next 2 hours doing that. It would have been less if I hadn’t knocked over my dirty water jar which spilled all over the bit I had painted. Noticed that the varnish is working as it wiped clean quite easily. Had to wash the shower mat as it was now wet with painty water.

I think I may need to add some bright green to the water lillies , but it looks ok. And I poured the rest of the varnish into a marge tub to see how much there was left. It would have been simpler to have taken the lid off and looked , but unfortunately I hammered the lid on so securely that I haven’t been able to get it open for the last 3 days and had to make a hole with a screwdriver and pour it out very slowly when I needed it. There is more than I thought so that’s good.

Finally I tidied up all my paint and stuff and washed all my brushes. Yesterday when I was tidying out my toiletries I found some hair conditioner so my brushes are getting conditioned as I write.

I was so glad it was wine time. I am trying not to waste my days , but sometimes when I don’t have a particular plan or project it is difficult. And I like to “pretend” that I have a job so I can’t stop until 5pm . ( I have to be really desperate before I resort to housework .)

However ….now it’s wine and an episode of Vera. Hurray. !!

Still working on the light…
Stage one….. with bath mat.
Stage two…. rough design to see if it might work.
So far so good……..

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