September in Pisticci….a musical evening……

It is quite hot sitting outside tonight. And the music from the church is really loud. And there have been bells too. Now I can hear a brass band. I have tried  to video it all , but by the time I start there is a quiet period followed by a loud clanging of bells and choral singing whenever I have stopped filming.

It is very loud!!!

My video didn’t  look very good either because it was impossible to avoid the overflowing bins in the foreground. I am not very good with bins. And the bin men are not very reliable so it can get a bit tricky.  Right now I have plastic and cardboard boxes stacked up behind my door. At some point the pick up days were changed but no one told me. Also even when I do manage to get it right no one takes the stuff away. I have had tins in the metal and glass bin for 3 weeks now.

However enough about bins.

Today I tidied out my big cupboard in order to see if I had any space for stockpiling. I do.

I only want to have enough supplies to keep me going for up to a month. Just incase.

I am sad to read articles telling people in the UK  to stockpile before brexit.  I can’t  believe what is happening there.. It is like all the things that people who were called scaremongers and worse said might happen are now happening ….and worse.

And taking a world view …not all politicians are liars. Some appear to care.

More bells!!!

I finished my shower room  upgrade today and varnished the last little bit. I put a photo on instagram and people appear to like it. It makes me smile.

More brass band……

If I wasn’t  waiting for a friend to arrive I might go and investigate all the noise….I mean bells, music and brass band. Probably I will see photos on Facebook  later that will show what I heard .

Aha!! Finally I spotted it. There is a saint on the back of a truck up in front of the castle. .

But it is wine time now . Friend will be arriving soon. Have not put a video on my blog before but will try.

Saint on truck near the castle….

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